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Voice commands implementation guide

Voice commands modules

The Handsfree for Web extension could be customized through imported modules. A custom module can provide new voice commands, or extend existing ones along with other capabilities like translate commands or the UI to other languages.

Into the following sections you'll learn about how to build these modules. For now just imagine a voice commands module as a package of voice commands that could be imported into the Handsfree for Web extension's page after click over the "+ Add Module" button placed in the left bottom corner.

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About this tool

Javier Perez UNLP Unigranrio

The extension Handsfree for Web was built by Javier Pérez in order to bring a handsfree web navigation alternative.

The app was presented as an implementation of a handsfree web navigation model described into the final work Handsfree browsing driven by voice commands for the degree Computer Science at Universidad Nacional de La Plata.


Students of the Unigranrio University have submitted the portuguese version of the extension.
Special thanks go to:

  • Matheus Freitas
  • João Victor Plessim
  • Gabriel Francisco
  • Guilherme Cabral
  • Lucas Hermida