Browse the web using
only your voice

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Handsfree for Web

Supported only for Google Chrome


Voice Commands

All you can do invoking voice commands

Browse the web

Open websites, click something, scroll down or up.

Fill out forms

Dictate texts, fill any type of form inputs, copy and paste.

Browser control

Manage bookmarks, downloads, history and tabs.

Control media content

Play video and music

Search the Internet

Search on Google or find text into a website


Contextual help, allowed commands list

Add your own voice commands

  • Implement voice commands modules
  • Import voice commands modules
  • Add voice commands to websites

About this tool

Javier Perez UNLP Unigranrio

The extension Handsfree for Web was built by Javier Pérez in order to bring a handsfree web navigation alternative.

The app was presented as an implementation of a handsfree web navigation model described into the final work Handsfree browsing driven by voice commands for the degree Computer Science at Universidad Nacional de La Plata.


Students of the Unigranrio University have submitted the portuguese version of the extension.
Special thanks go to:

  • Matheus Freitas
  • João Victor Plessim
  • Gabriel Francisco
  • Guilherme Cabral
  • Lucas Hermida